lotion bar BeeNut framed art hive
Welcome to Nobody Beats Mother Nature

Home Made Natural products and products inspired by nature.

Handmade Lotion with simple natural ingredients, such as locally sourced beeswax, our luxurious lotion bars do not contain any chemicals or fillers like water, which will dry out skin.  Great for split fingers, cracked heels and dry flaky legs.  Try on any problem area not helped by commercial lotion. 

The "Hive" is a lotion pack containing our 7 different blends packaged in a real wooden box resembling a beekeepers hive.

Framed Art made with real aged cedar wood surrounding some striking art glass.  Either side can be displayed either on a wall or in front of a window.

NEW BeeNut Butter Balm.  Face and Hair moisturizer.

Nobody Beats Mother Nature

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